Welcome to Windsong Counseling, LLC.

Windsong Counseling, LLC offers a safe and welcoming place of counseling for children (ages five and up), adolescents, and adults throughout the lifespan. Here you will learn skills, access greater self-awareness, and have the opportunity to better understand how experiences shape and effect your feelings and actions.  Working from a neurodevelopmental approach using techniques such as Gestalt, Mind-Body, Cognitive – Behavioral, and Person-Centered therapies, I customize treatment for each individual. Often I use art to facilitate the therapeutic process, as guided by client needs and wishes. Art offers a way to externalize thoughts and feelings, providing a new way to view one’s world in the present moment.  The focus of therapy is on making change in the here and now, while taking into consideration the effects of one’s past and present experiences and future goals.


A little about Developmental Trauma:

I have spent time studying developmental trauma as well as complex trauma, and PTSD.  Developmental trauma occurs during the early years of one’s life, and may be a single harmful event (experienced directly or witnessed, physical, psychological, or both) or several experiences lasting days to years. Like complex trauma, it can lead to many challenges. With any trauma, but especially developmental trauma, timing matters. The brain develops in a hierarchical fashion. The timing of the trauma will effect the way it impacts the person. I seek to identify what areas of development were affected and then work with clients to rebuild those developmental capacities in order for them to recover and move forward in a healthy way, as free as possible of the control from their past (note: the interruption itself cannot be erased, but the lasting negative effects may be resolved).

While it is always preferable to treat trauma as soon as possible after exposure, even adults can recover from Developmental Trauma. This is why I work with children and adults. Fortunately, our brains continue to grow and change even beyond the formative years, allowing for new patterns to occur. It’s often more challenging to recover the more time has passed, but it is never too late.